Chucky 1×06 review

Many television series have their moment where you realise all bets are off. The latest episode of Chucky, ‘Cape Queer’ feels like that point.

From the initial re-introduction of Andy Barclay and Kyle to Tiffany’s continuing arc with Nica/Chucky, there was a lot to digest plus the fact we have not one, but two shocking demise.

Lexy, Jake and Devon now feel like they are on the same page whereas Junior gets to find out the full extent of his mum’s illness. What is intriguing about this, is the fact he could either be drawn towards to fragile alliance of kids or towards a more dangerous ally; Chucky.

The aftershocks of this episode will certainly be felt next week and going into the finale and it will be interesting to see how the showrunners handle this and converge the three/four plotlines to resolve.

Cape Queer feels like Chucky’s Red Wedding.

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