Kill River 3 by Cameron Roubique review

To the unacquainted author Cameron Roubique is fast becoming the go-to guy for retro flavoured slasher novels.

Following the success of the first two Kill River books, which take place at a remote water park, he has returned to close off the trilogy in spectacular style.

It is clear now that Roubique really knows this world, plus every inch of the aforementioned water park. His attention to detail is frightening.

This time around Cyndi, the final girl survivor of the past 2 Kill River novels, is dragged back into her own watery nightmare but this time new boyfriend Johnny and his sisters and their friends are put in the bloody path of the water park killer.

There aren’t many authors, certainly that I have read, who can construct slasher attack scenes on the page better than Roubique. He can build tension when needed and can definitely go for the jugular when needed.

Here he sheds more light on our killer without giving too much away, and takes some cues from the Halloween and Friday the 13th series plus even a nod to Stallone’s action slasher Cobra.

Kill River 3 is like a warm blanket for slasher fans, and even if this is the end of the Kill River series, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Kill River 3 is available now in paperback and e-book formats.

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