Last Night in Soho review

A few days after seeing Last Night in Soho, I still can’t quite work out what the film was trying to be.

There is no doubt that the film looks spectacular, is well shot and has a fantastic soundtrack but its plot is rather muddled.

We follow Eloise, an aspiring fashion designer going to University in London to study fashion and gets more than she bargained for after renting a bedsit in the city.

As someone who tried the London lifestyle (briefly) and quickly decided it wasn’t for me, I did relate to some of the beats that Wright was trying to land. This is part coming of age story and part murder-mystery/giallo thriller.

Thomasin McKenzie is fantastic as the vulnerable Eloise, but when we jump into her alter-ego Sandie it feels oddly disjointed and while it is stylish, it feels too much.

We also get solid performances from the late Diana Rigg and Terence Stamp whereas Matt Smith’s supposedly sinister take does not land at all and comes across slightly campy.

While the finale goes to a slightly outrageous and over the top place, it doesn’t feel earned especially because we have a lot of padding in-between.

Last Night in Soho feels like a fever dream but not in a good way.

Back to the drawing board Mr. Wright.

Last Night in Soho is available now in UK cinemas.

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