Chucky 1×04 review

Given the fiery conclusion to last week’s episode of Chucky, the show goes to the natural next location – the hospital.

We have seen already vibes of different slasher titans, with the most obvious one here being Halloween II given the setting.

What is surprising is that our titular killer doll takes some time to re-appear and we spend more time unpacking the death and fire at Lexi’s house. We also see a forced alliance between Lexi and Jake develop after they both now seem to have crossed Chucky, with potentially deadly consequences.

Flashbacks also play into this week as we see a young Charles Lee Ray grooming future ally Eddie Caputo at their orphanage, laying the groundwork for their killing sprees of the future.

Once Chucky does appear we are also treated to some creative kills and a new look that recalls Child’s Play 2.

Chucky continues to be entertaining whilst enriching its mythology without getting too bogged down in the recent films, given the absence of both Tiffany and Nica – although this looks set to change next week.

Chucky continues next week on SyFy.

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