Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes DVD & Blu Ray release announced

Third Window Films have announced the release of Frightfest favourite Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes on DVD and Blu Ray on 15th November 2021.

Café owner Kato discovers that his PC monitor shows what will happen two minutes in the future. Another screen downstairs in his café shows the past of two minutes ago.

His friends decide to place the two mysterious devices opposite each other, which creates a loop to see into the future. Naturally, chaos ensues.

BEYOND THE INFINITE TWO MINUTES is a delightfully light hearted flick shot in one take about five innocent heartwarming friends who discover the art of time traveling!

A massive Japanese hit, acclaimed by ONE CUT OF THE DEAD director Shinichiro Ueda as a worthy successor to his continuous one-take sensation, ‘Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes’ is a time travel suspense comedy that is been praised by all worldwide!

Pre-order Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes on Third Window Films.

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