Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes review (Frightfest)

When a cafe owner discovers a glitch in the time-space continuum he is able to see two minutes into future and from here chaos and hilarity ensues.

Coming from Third Window Films of One Cut of the Dead fame, Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes is another stellar exercise in the creativity of filmmaking and how something quite basic can turn into pure innovation.

Using this method they are able to create something wholly original, and shows that you don’t need 2 and and half hours to make a decent time travel movie. How the plot mashes together with the time delays is pure genius and it never once misses a beat, feeling like one giant take (much like a chunk of One Cut of the Dead).

Beyond… is also packed with heart and likeable characters who are surprisingly put in real peril during the last third of the film, with the darker turn certainly catching viewers off guard.

While the finale does try to make sense of what we have just seen, and comes across slightly hammy, we can forgive it a slight misstep given what we’ve previously watched.

Seek out this little gem.

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes screened at Arrow Video Frightfest 2021.


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