Spirit of Independence Film Festival announces lineup

The third annual Spirit of Independence Film Festival, which takes place on 2nd October 2021 at the Abbeydale Picturehouse in Sheffield has announced its lineup.

The day begins with the feature The South African Hunter, where Matty Vans hires a film crew to document his paranormal ghost hunting business. Just as they tire of following him around to find no evidence of the paranormal, he receives a phone call from a woman claiming her family is being hounded by a spirit. After agreeing to spend the week with the family, it quickly becomes clear to everyone but Matty Vans that their haunting is an elaborate hoax. However, the Damon-Murray family is also harbouring a dark secret…

The World’s Best Film is up next, where Australian filmmaker Joshua Belinfante was told he had only a short time left to live. Forced to confront his own mortality, he thought about what he would do with his life if he was somehow given a second chance. He realised that he wanted to travel the world and find people that were fulfilling what their inner child always dreamt of doing. At the time of his diagnosis, Joshua was studying to become a solicitor and had put off his dreams to become a filmmaker. ‘The World’s Best Film’ is an anthology documentary about 13 individuals striving to be the world’s best at their passions.

The BFI Network Film Showcase will screen shorts Bad Spells, Dissonance and Rose Tinted Glasses.

In Fornacis, Anya, a mourning woman, drives to the unknown in her vintage car, a 1961 Facel Vega. Her only traveling companion is a mysterious urn. Consumed by sadness and loneliness, Anya falls into a confused world, where her memories and her fantasies are blended.

A father embarks on a journey to rescue his son during an epidemic outbreak of a new rabies virus in Venezuela in Infeccion.

Infection is the first zombie movie made in Venezuela, made independently with the goal of entretaing all the Z genre fans and to leave a message about the actual political and social situation of Venezuela.

The closing feature of the festival is Seepers; in a world where fuel is scarce, savvy and ruthless entrepreneurs have resorted to abducting people to farm them for bio-gas. We follow the rivalry between two of these Seeper Farms and the strange love story that develops within.

To find out more about the Spirit of Independence Film Festival and the full short film lineup visit their website.

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