Haunted Museum Stoke review

By Paul Downey

I must admit to being a little bit trepidation when booking a Spirit Board session and Seance at the newly opened Haunted Museum and Spirit Shop in Stoke on Trent.

Upon arrival you damn near walk into a coffin, which gives you a good idea what you are in for.

The Spirit Board session was conducted by a medium and after a slow start where we had very little, or so it seems, other guests definitely felt certain presences in the room, including messages from long lost relatives – in one case from the 1600s!

Once this session was over we were guided upstairs to take a sneak peek at the Haunted Museum area of the venue, teaming with creepy dolls and artifacts that were claimed to be haunted. We performed an activity known as table tipping, where the medium would guide a spirit in the room to move a table we were all holding. This was certainly an unnerving experience, especially in front of a full scale that showed there was no puppet work going on.

The staff were extremely friendly and insightful, and with plenty more on offer including Tarot Card readings and full tours of the Museum, we will definitely be back very soon.

Visit the Haunted Museum and Spirit Shop Stoke Facebook page to view all of their available activities – available just in time for the start of the Halloween season.

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