Jason Rising review

It has to be said that the quality of fan films, especially in the Friday the 13th universe.

Jason Rising is co-produced by Womp Stomp Films, who produced the excellent Never Hike Alone and Never Hike in the Snow over the past few years.

This tale is set after Jason’s ‘death’ at the close of Friday the 13th Part 4, with the killer now buried in the now condemned grounds of Camp Crystal Lake.

Fast forward a couple of decades and Voorhees is once again resurrected as a set of convicts trespass on the camp grounds and start a whole new killing spree.

Given the film was crowdfunded, it does really well with its visual style and while the kills aren’t overtly graphic, there is certainly some craft here.

Their Jason also feels like a mix of Richard Brooker and Ted White’s performances with a much more mobile killer for our would-be-victims to navigate.

While our convicts aren’t that likeable, which isn’t surprising, we do find some common ground with the local law enforcement who are thrust into a situation they clearly aren’t ready or trained for.

Much like the Never Hike series, Jason Rising also has a clever callback to the franchise that spawned it which will make plenty of fans smile and also laugh at some of its absurdity.

The part of the film that didn’t really gel was the overuse of Mrs Voorhees as a vengeful zombie, who at one point is charging about Crystal Lake like the headless horseman from Sleepy Hollow in a blue sweater.

While this is a minor gripe, Jason Rising is ultimately a worthwhile ride and only adds fuel to the fire for the day that Jason, and maybe Mrs Voorhees will grace the big screen once again.

Watch Jason Rising on YouTube below –

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