Trailer released for Eerie Earfuls – Your Halloween soundtrack

Just in time for Halloween, Lonely Spectre Productions brings you a retro-inspired Halloween sounds album that innovates the platform.

Comprised of chilling sound effects of the season, an ooky spooky new narrative, and all original music by Jared Goode (Midnight Musicals), James Edwards (Midnight Musicals), and special musical guest Sean Keller (Killer Sounds of Halloween), Eerie Earfuls follows three adventurous children on a journey through the macabre neighborhood of Evercrest, Massachusetts.

As our heroes make their way to a mysterious Halloween bash, they must brave ravenous werewolves, ghastly ghosts, eccentric witches, and a nightmarish array of other ghouls before the night is over.

EERIE EARFULS is directed by Brendan Haley, with original music produced, written, and composed by Jared Goode and James Edwards with special musical guest Sean Keller (Killer Sounds of Halloween).

The anthology stars –

BRENDAN HALEY (EastSiders, Poltergays)
TIFFANY SHEPIS (Deathcember)
MAJOR SCALES (The Jinkx & DeLa Holiday Special)
JOSHUA TONKS (The Latent Image)
SEAN DOHERTY (So Far, So Close)
ELISSA WAGNER (Are You Still Here?)
MATTHEW BRIDGES (American Horror Story)
BJ COLANGELO (Deathcember)
AND MICHAEL VARRATI (The Boulet Brother’s Dragula)

Watch the trailer for Eerie Earfuls below –

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