WNUF Halloween Special review

Released in the wake of the found footage boom in the horror genre, the WNUF Halloween Special takes the concept of the haunted house and writes a love letter to the 1980s.

Pitched as a live news broadcast from the house of a murdered couple twenty years prior, you may think this is the American version of Ghostwatch, the infamous broadcast from Michael Parkinson from the early 1990s.

Sadly, this feels a bit like a style over substance exercise with the broadcast choked by constant advert breaks, which although funny to begin with, start to grate as the film wears on.

The story itself is well executed, with some really creepy moments and a twisted finale, but you get the feeling at 82 minutes long it is being stretched out slightly.

The WNUF Halloween Special is quite inoffensive and will strike a chord with some viewers given the time period it is set in, but it won’t live long in the memory.

The WNUF Halloween Special is streaming now on Shudder.

Watch the trailer for the WNUF Halloween Special below –

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