Cult slasher Evil Dead Trap getting 4K treatment from Unearthed Films

Unearthed Films has announced a 4K blu ray special edition of cult 80s slasher Evil Dead Trap on 24th August 2021.

A TV station employee takes a camera crew out to an abandoned factory to investigate a purported snuff film that was made there, only to end up running for her life.

Bonus Materials include –

Audio Commentary with Director Toshiharu Ikeda and SPFX Manager Shinichi Wakasa
Audio Commentary by filmmaker Kurando Mitsutake (KARATE KILL, GUN WOMAN)
Audio Commentary with James Mudge of Eastern Kicks
Trappings of the Dead – Reflecting on a Japanese Cult Classic
Behind the Scenes Stills
Promotional Artwork

Pre-order your copy of Evil Dead Trap at Diabolik DVD

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