Come With Me by Ronald Malfi review

The latest novel from Bram Stoker finalist Ronald Malfi starts from a relatively straight forward, tragic incident which morphs into something entirely more sinister.

After Aaron Decker’s wife Allison is gunned down unexpectedly in a shopping mall shooting, the widow begins to grieve and finds out more about his former partner than he bargained.

Malfi’s writing here really strikes a nerve as we follow a potentially unreliable narrator as he navigates his wife’s past and becomes embroiled in a series of incidents across the country that may be connected by dark secrets.

Come With Me is melancholic but also gripping as the plot thickens and you think you have the story sussed and Malfi just throws us a curveball and we are back to square one. While this can be slightly frustrating for the reader it also adds to the intrigue of the story.

Malfi takes chances with characters and leads up down many yellow brick roads before crushing them and creating modified paths in the narrative.

As a first time reader of his work, Come With Me has me eager to read more of his previous work.

Come With Me by Ronald Malfi is available now on paperback and e-book formats from Titan Books.

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