Lower East Side Film Festival – Mind F*ck Shorts reviews

Bloody Flicks is delighted to be supporting this year’s edition of The Lower East Side Film Festival’s Mind F*ck shorts programme.

Here are our reviews –

Laying Out

When two female friends meet up at the beach it’s common to talk about their problems, but in Laying Out the conversation takes on a whole new level on intimate.

One of the girls shares her desire for a penis after previously being in an abusive relationship.

Although there are plenty of truths about the treatment of women by men, it feels more like a therapy session than a narrative that was intended to go somewhere.

Auction House

This animated short from Sean Davis follows the lives of a couple of foul-mouthed fish, in what feels like a more adult Finding Nemo.

When a roman statue floats into their part of the ocean, they plot to sell at the auction house.

A short film that feels like it was made on an acid trip.

Smile or Die

This ultra-short arthouse film sees a group of young girls housed in what looks like some sort of modern asylum with experiments taking place.

Smile or Die, with its haunting backing music and unsettling atmosphere is certainly one of the most intriguing micro-shorts in recent memory.

Rangos II

Rangos II is another short which begins like some sort of fever dream as we have people with gigantic puppet heads chanting songs amongst the corpses of others on the outskirts of a city.

Shot very much like a music video, we go from weird scene to weird scene without any real explanation.

Have to admit the song was catchy though.

Catch More

A young girl is waiting to be picked up by her taxi and looks like she is planning on a heavy night as she drinks vodka clean, while disguising it as water in a plastic bottle.

When a fly interrupts her she sets out to kill it before her taxi arrives, but what she didn’t count on was the insect talking.

We get into surreal territory as they begin verbal sparring and we get into deeper conversations about the girl’s life and her wayward trajectory. Who would have thought it would get this deep?

Quirky, funny and thoroughly entertaining.


We follow a lady entering a hotel who it turns out is late for an important meeting but requires more time to deal with another pressing issue.

She reaches her office and turns on her computer but is then distracted by the window cleaner who abseils down from above. It becomes apparent that this is her actual ‘appointment’ as they begin seducing each other, much to our hilarity.

A black comedy which borders on erotic.

Body of the Mined

Experiments and advancements always take chances others may not consider, which is important to remember as we see a scientist (presumably) attempt to extract the brain or brain energy from a rat during the opening scene of this short.

We quickly find out he might be in some sort of trouble whilst also dealing with a deaf girl who has recently moved as a lodger. Could she be the key to his research?

Things take an even darker turn as we get a full idea of what he has been up to, with Body of the Mined becoming more of a sci fi body horror affair.

High concept, well filmed and going to some unexpected places – a truly excellent film.

A big thank you to the organisers of the Lower East Side Film Festival for allowing us to cover the event.

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