14 Filmmakers set to combine for anthology Virus Detected

14 filmmakers are set to team up for new independent sci fi tech horror anthology Virus Detected.

When a freak electrical storm hits the entire world at the exact same moment, it creates a unique power surge around the planet. Changing earth’s electronic devices forever in unique, unexpected and unimaginable ways.

Virus Detected is a feature anthology film built up of multiple short films with a linking over world narrative. Each short film has to include a certain piece of technology. This can either be the focus of the film or feature heavily.

We want to show the audience how the tech we use everyday has altered and changed in creative ways since the electrical storm hit. Maybe Microwaves now eat people? Be as crazy and experimental as you like.

Let your imagination run wild. This is a new unexplored altered modern world of endless possibilities.

Each film will be 10 minutes long, tying into the overall mythology established for Virus Detected.

Look out for more production news on Virus Detected soon.

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