The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix review

It’s fair to say after reading The Final Girl Support Group that author/screenwriter Grady Hendrix knows his slasher films.

Such is his knowledge, that even a fan with a limited knowledge of the concept of a final girl and unkillable slashers will be grinning every time he drops a subtle reference in there.

While nitpickers may feel like this seems like overindulgence on his part, the dedication to the craft cannot be denied plus it plays into the main narrative of the story.

There are similar beats to Riley Sager’s excellent Final Girls novel from a few years back, but Hendrix does make a point of branching out into a new territory and exploring different beats than that story.

We follow the journey of Lynnette, an ageing woman who survived a massacre 22 years ago and has since bonded with five other women who have encountered similar bloody encounters. When one of the group is found dead this starts a chain of events which could lead to the deadliest encounter of all, and being a final girl won’t guarantee you survive this killer encounter.

Lynnette is such a fascinating character to follow given her constant paranoia and broken life, which echoes a lot of Laurie Strode in Halloween 2018, but is arguably even more broken.

Each of the aforementioned support group have their nuances which makes them endearing in some cases, irritating but ultimately likeable in some sense.

While there is a wobble through the middle The Final Girl Support Group ramps up for a satisfying conclusion that has our appetites whet for the recently announced HBO adaptation of this story.

The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix is available now in Hardback and e-book formats from Titan Books.


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