Stevie Webb teases Brain Rot Season 2

The first season horror podcast Brain Rot proved a sterling success for host Stevie Webb, with a host of guests including Jonathan Ross and Graham Norton covering the best worst horrors from the 80s and 90s.

Bloody Flicks caught up with Stevie to find out what’s in store for Season 2 which starts next month –

The response to Brain Rot has been fantastic, these past few months must have been a roller coaster for you?
Absolutely! As much as I’ve wanted to put this podcast together for years, I didn’t actually do much planning before starting. I just decided to go for it. So did all the necessary registering, hosting research, recorded the first episode and released it all within about 10 days. It was a baptism of fire though as I was then scrambling each week to not only secure a guest, but choose a film and record, edit and publish it. The overwhelming response was incredibly galvanising though.

When did you first start scouting guests for Brain Rot?
I had casually checked in with a few people ahead of time if they would be up for joining me IF I were to ever start the podcast. So it was a case of sending messages saying ‘You know that podcast I mentioned to you a couple of years ago? Well apparently it’s started and wondered if you’d still be up for it’. The rest were mostly by the skin of my teeth!

The podcast is quite unique in the sense you have had unexpected guests talking about some bonkers films, was this always your plan?
In an early concept, the podcast was called ’The Best Worst Horror of….’ and would focus on one particular year from the 80s. And I was to have a co-host who disliked horror. We recorded a couple of episodes and it was fun but I felt like it may become repetitive. And didn’t leave room for me to geek out on certain elements of the films with someone like minded. And so I ended up coming up with a hybrid idea. Making horror know-it-alls AND horror not-at-alls watch and discuss the trashy 80s movies I fondly grew up watching. And so the format of Brain Rot is never fully set. It’s malleable and unlocked which, I believe, gives it more potential for unpredictability.

What was your personal highlight of Season 1?
The process for season 1 is such a blur because of my lack of planning that I never found time to digest it from week to week. It was always ‘on to the next’.
But I absolutely loved showing unsuspecting people like Stephen Fry and Urzila Carlson films like Slugs and Creepozoids.

In terms of films to cover, what is your scouting process like, is it based on your tastes, recommendations or a bit of both?
Most of the films are plucked from my youth. And I’d say 80% of them I haven’t seen for over 20 years, so It’s always exciting locating it and then revisiting it with a guest in tow. But occasionally listeners email me with suggestions that I’ve never even heard of and that’s always exciting to include.

For the Patreon feed you have been covering the Critters and soon the House series, are there any obscure franchises you’d like to cover?
I’m thinking of doing the Puppet Master franchise but there’s SO many. But I’d love to do some slightly more obscure film series like ’The Curse’, ‘La Casa’ or ‘Children of the Corn’

In terms of podcasting, you have plenty of experience from being part of Evolution of Horror, how did you find the transition from co-star to host?
It was a learning curve! Being a guest is much less pressure because it’s up to the host to drive the episode and fill the silence. Once I got the hang of it though, It became second nature and comfortable. As the host, I make sure I know as much as I possibly can about the film in question so I’m armed with fun facts to kill and dead air. I’ve always been an audio commentary geek anyway, so I’m usually well versed in the films history. It’s always nice to have a break and guest on another podcast however, as I can sit back and geek out when I’m needed.

I have to ask, what can we expect from Season 2 of Brain Rot?
What you’ve come to expect and MORE! I’m expanding the guest list and have some really fun people joining me this season. Having Elijah Wood as my first guest is one hell of a coo and the perfect way to start with a bang. I’m also hosting events. ‘Brain Rot Presents’ is a venture to bring together the community in the real world and introduce like minded people to their tribe. The first event is this August’s Friday 13th where I’m screening a couple of films in London with a mini-festival vibe. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and now that I have a nicely sized community , I felt ready!

Do you have some dream guests you’d like to feature on Brain Rot?
I’m honestly so up for anyone joining. Because theres no prerequisite for guests and their relationship to horror. But I’d love to get some more surprising choices. Perhaps you’ll hear a couple in Season 2……

The podcast is based around your love of the 80s/90s VHS era of horror, what is your take on modern horror and what are some of your favourites?
I love all horror and watch it daily. Currently, horror is in one of the best states it’s been in for decades. With exciting writer/directors like Ari Aster, Robert Eggers and Prano Bailey-Bond on the scene, we’re experiencing something of a modern golden age.

The trailer for Halloween Kills has finally been released, are you looking forward to the return of Michael Myers on the big screen?
Absolutely. I love the serious and gloomy tone of the new trilogy. Michael is back to doing what he does best: scaring the shit out of you.

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