Halloween Ends – Could Time Jump Help the Trilogy Conclusion?

From the recent bumper coverage of Halloween Kills in the latest issue of Total Film, we have learned that its sequel Halloween Ends will feature a time jump.

It was long suspected that Michael Myers’ bloody return to Haddonfield would be stretched across the David Gordon Green-directed trilogy.

Green commented saying,

“We’re able to use the authentic time clock between Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, so that’s interesting. There will be a bit more of a linear time that acknowledges the reality of our years between the productions.”

Although it is unclear how long the time jump will be, this is also an exciting occurrence which could see a similar situation to pre-H20 with The Shape disappearing into the night following the events of Kills.

This may also gives us a chance to see a different Laurie and the survivors of Kills plus she may be able to finally ditch the wigs!

Could we see Michael Myers on death row or perhaps being hunted across the country?

Ultimately, the script for Halloween Ends has been delayed along with filming due to the delay to Halloween Kills’ release, which has clearly given Green time to mull over how to round off his trilogy.

Another unsurprising tidbit was Jamie Lee Curtis saying that she probably won’t revisit Laurie Strode following the conclusion of Halloween Ends. This makes a lot of sense given Curtis’ age and how demanding this trilogy will have been for her to take on plus she is already working on other projects such as the upcoming adaptation of video game Borderlands.

Don’t forget to check out the latest Total Film for their Halloween Kills coverage, with the film released on 15th October 2021.

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