Escape Room: Tournament of Champions review

While a sequel to Adam Robitel’s sleeper hit Escape Room was pretty much spelt out during the first film’s finale it feels like the sequel fell completely under the radar.

There has been scarce promotion for the film, which carries on the stories of Ben and Zoey, who are thrust back into the deadly escape rooms whilst trying to uncover the secret of the mysterious Minos organisation who orchestrated the events of the first film.

Some sequels will attempt to expand on their world whilst others will play it safe and give audiences what they enjoyed the first time around – Tournament of Champions falls somewhere in the middle.

The traps are elaborate and in some cases, even more whacky than later Saw devices but whilst Ben and Zoey are the heartbeat of the film we get very little to root for with the rest of new escapees.

I also got the impression that there was a slight chunk cut out of the film as it feels like it ends rather abruptly whilst giving us the idiots guide to proceedings.

Clearly Robitel sees franchise potential for Escape Room, it will be interesting to see if a third entry takes more chances than Tournament of Champions.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is out in cinemas now.

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