First casting announced for ‘Dark Harvest’ adaptation

First casting news has been announced for David Slade’s adaptation of the superb Halloween-themed book Dark Harvest, set for release in September 2022.

Deadline reported that Casey Likes (“The Birch”) and Emyri Crutchfield (“Tell Me Your Secrets”) have signed on to star in the film, being released by MGM.

In the film, every fall in a small Midwestern town, a supernatural specter rises from the cornfields and makes its way toward the town’s Church, where violent gangs of teenage boys hungrily await their chance to confront the legendary nightmare in an annual harvest rite of life and death.

Richie Shepard lives in the shadow of his big brother who won last year’s Run and earned his ticket out of town.

To prove himself and join his brother, Richie pairs up with Kelly Haines, a restless dreamer who will do whatever it takes to escape this dead-end town.

Against the rules and the odds, Richie and Kelly decide to hunt down the legendary nightmare to win the Run and their freedom, together.

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  1. I absolutely love this book and have read it multiple times. I was working at Barnes & Noble when it was published and it was released with the October horror reads. So I scooped it up because I judge books by their cover. Don’t regret it.


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