Dark Harvest by Norman Patridge review


During the #HalloweenSeason it’s quite easy to seek out films that capture the mood of All Hallows Eve.

When it comes to books this can be a bit more tricky.

I am late to the party too, as Norman Partridge’s Dark Harvest has been around for 13 years, but after a fateful tweet here we are.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the breakneck pace that Partridge hits a stride with as Dark Harvest flies through a pulsating tale of prophecy, dark secrets, and revenge.

In a small midwestern town, the legend of the October Boy aka Sawtooth Jack, and whatever else the town wants to call him, comes around every Halloween as he rises from the nearby cornfield to commit sacrifices unless the townsfolk can stop him.

At first, it feels like a regular good versus evil motif, but Partridge pulls the rug from under our feet providing a rich and layered story that is somehow squeezed into 169 pages.

If you need a quick and thrilling read to give you the chills on Halloween, you can’t go wrong with Dark Harvest.

It’s also recently been announced that David Slade (Hannibal) will be working on a film adaptation of the novel, with a script co-written by Michael Gilio (Dungeons and Dragons).

There are fantastical elements to Dark Harvest, but if done right this could be another essential watch as well as read, around Halloween.

Dark Harvest is now available in Paperback and Amazon Kindle.

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