Vicious Fun review

Set in 1983, Vicious Fun follows the journey of unlucky loser Joel, who can’t get the girl and life has kind of hit the buffers.

This is all changes when he stumbles upon a meeting of serial killers and sets off a chain of events that will alter his life forever.

If ever a film lived up to its title, this is it. Vicious Fun is extremely violent but also packed with dark humour that fans of films such as Turbo Kid and VFW will lap up.

It wears its 80s credentials on its sleeve with its neon-soaked scenery and synthwave soundtrack. Ari Millen, who some will recognise from last year’s The Oak Room and Orphan Black steals plenty of scenes as a killer so eccentric its funny but at the same time is completely crazy. Its just that type of film.

Vicious Fun also pokes fun at the 80s slashers with one killer wearing a mask and only killing at a camp site; sound familiar?

When the action does come, it comes in droves too with at least two outstanding sequences in the local bar and the police station that feel plucked straight out of a peak Stallone action feature.

There is hope for more Vicious Fun and if its as entertaining as this then bring it on!

Vicious Fun screens as part of Grimmfest’s May Madness which starts on Saturday 29th May 2021.

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