A Perfect Enemy review

I must admit to finding the initial part of A Perfect Enemy quite grating but this is definitely a film that takes its time to get used to its own skin before taking us in some interesting directions.

After a man unwittingly picks up a girl trying to get to the airport, the two begin talking while waiting for their flight only to find out they may have more in common than previously assumed.

A Perfect Enemy plays with its audience and instils paranoia from its outset and as the plot unfolds we begin to question everything. This probably works even better now in the age of misinformation.

I drew similarities with The Oak Room, where one character is further the plot along and its only as we learn more that the person listening becomes a prevalent part of their story.

It also does have the ability to shock us with at least two sequences that will make audiences wince. Particular details really matter and A Perfect Enemy demands you pay attention as anything in a scene can become important later on.

The film does stumble slightly in its finale, but it doesn’t taint the overall experience.

A Perfect Enemy screens as part of Grimmfest’s May Madness starting on Saturday 29th May 2021.

A Perfect Enemy will be available on Amazon/Google & iTunes from 5th July

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