Extant coming to Horror Channel on 11th May

Horror Channel will be continuing its commitment to bringing cult & classic sci-fi to its audience with Seasons 1 & 2 of the CBS Studios / Amblin Television production of EXTANT.

Astronaut Molly Woods (Halle Berry) returns home from a 13-month solo mission in outer space to discover she’s pregnant.

She tries to reconnect with her husband, John (Goran Visnijc), a robotics engineer who has created their son Ethan, a prototype android called a “humanich”, (played by Pierce Gagnon), but relationships are put under dangerous strain when Molly’s mystifying experiences in space lead to events that will ultimately change the course of human history

First aired in 2014 and Exec produced by Steven Spielberg, the futuristic sci-fi thriller was written by rookie Mickey Fisher, whose initial script of Extant won a screenwriting contest. before coming to the attention of Amblin and Spielberg.

The series kicks off with Season 1 from Thurs May 27 to Friday 28 May, with Season 2 following from Friday 28 May to Tuesday 15 June.

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