Remembering Doug Bradley’s ‘On Edge’

While Doug Bradley may be most well known for his turn as Pinhead across 8 Hellraiser movies, is resume also has some other twisted additions.

In 1999 he was part of the twisted dental short On Edge, directed by Frazer Lee told the story of a dental surgery where everything is not as it seems.

The special effects work for the film was done by Bob Keen, who Bradley had collaborated with for Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth.

Peter has a broken tooth and refuses to wait his turn but after badgering the receptionist he gets a quick appointment with the enigmatic Dr. Matthews (Bradley). This is very much a tale of careful what you wish for as we find out Matthews may not be as skilled in dentistry as we previously thought.

On Edge balances the suspense of being trapped in what some consider to be their worst nightmare alongside a satisfying and twisted pay-off that lives long in the memory.

As well as Bradley we have Charley Boorman as the unfortunate Peter, having previously been part of Deliverance and Excalibur.

I can recall seeing this short as part of a Halloween Horror All Nighter at my local Vue cinema in the early 2000s and being so shocked by it, that it stayed with me for a long time afterwards.

Bradley is menacing without really getting out of second gear and the film really does carry a sense of dread which again taps into our fears.

On Edge also won a number of awards including Best Horror Short at the Dragon*Con Film Festival, Atlanta USA in 2009, Best Short Film at Halloween Filmfest in Germany in 2001 and was Highly Commended at Fantastic Films Manchester in 2000.

You can watch On Edge below –


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