‘A Little More Flesh II’ set for Shockdown Saturdays premiere

Sam Ashurt’s meta sequel A Little More Flesh II is set for its world premiere at the latest Shockdown Saturdays from the Soho Horror Film Festival..

Starring Human Centipede II actor Laurence R. Harvey, the film exists in a universe where the original film is available to be watched and discussed and its stars can appear as fictious versions of themselves.

After failing to secure one of the original cast, Ashurt puts together a ‘Plan B’, with Harley Dee and Sean Mahoney granted the autonomy to write and shoot their own material and play versions of themselves as characters in the director’s latest ‘weird art film’ known as Stalker.

Ashurst teased on Twitter, ‘if you don’t like films that f*ck you up, maybe give it a swerve.’

Shockdown Saturdays from Soho Horror Film Festival also includes the UK premiere of trauma study Leni plus a Panel Discussion from Ghouls Magazine on Safety in Cinema.

Join the Soho Horror Film Festival Facebook Group to get involved.

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