Hold Back the Night by Sean Lynch review

You can tell that author Sean Lynch had a previous life in law enforcement by the sheer detail he packs into his latest thriller Hold Back the Night.

Coming at the reader from three fronts we have the converging stories of a potentially trigger happy and haunted law enforcement officer, two escaped convicts and a wife trying to escape her abusive marriage.

Couple all of this with a blazing forest fire and you have quite the suspense ride.

The most interesting of the narratives is law enforcement officer Leanne Strayer whose story is conventional in some senses but all the more intriguing as the narrative unfolds.

Our two escaped convicts do have some depth but are mainly there to be the villains of the piece. Lynch knows how to craft action sequences and tension and certainly goes to town with this pair.

Abused housewife Marjorie Guthrie is slightly short changed but her family which becomes increasingly more complicated as the seemingly eternal threat of the fire continues to approach.

Hold Back The Night will certainly delight fans of intense and brutal crime thrillers.

Hold Back the Night by Sean Lynch is released on 27th April 2021 in Paperback and E-book formats.

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