Camp Neverland by Lisa Quigley review

Camp Neverland is a short novella that explores the consequences of bullying with a supernatural twinge.

We follow the character of Max, a lonely girl who has suffered abuse throughout her school life and is not sure where she belongs – until she gets an invitation to stay at Camp Neverland.

Once she arrives she sees this is a place where the women rule and the men serve, or else!

Quigley does not try to hide the social commentary throughout Camp Neverland, although sometimes it does feel it is beating the reader over the head.

This novella is at its best when it is ambiguous and tries to play with some of its pre-established conventions although it does resolve these into a fairly predictable conclusion.

It is certainly great to see female authors trying to give us stories of real female empowerment although Camp Neverland does fall short slightly as it takes some characters to places where they are hard to sympathise with.

Camp Neverland won’t be for everyone but it is fun and harmless short read.

Camp Neverland by Lisa Quigley is released on 24th June 2021.

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