Witch Hunt (SXSW 2021) review

We open politically charged supernatural horror Witch Hunt with the striking image of a modern day burning at the stake of what we believe to be a witch.

In this world witches are gifted individuals who are demonised across America, with striking comparisons to illegal immigrants.

There are sympathisers for the witches though, who look to get them transported across the border to Mexico and apparent safety.

Witch Hunt mixes politics messages with some graphic imagery but takes us into unchartered territory with some intriguing plot curve balls. We get some well-timed jump scares throughout, helped by an excellent score by Blitz//Berlin.

The film raises questions about integration of ‘the other’ into society and what they may need to give up to integrate successfully.

Witch Hunt is an immersive and compelling watch that dares to do things differently and feels all better for it.

Witch Hunt screened at this year’s SXSW Film Festival.

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