The Thing That Ate the Birds review (SXSW)

Sophie Mair (Ella, And the Baby Screamed) and Dan Gitsham (Ella, And the Baby Screamed) have teamed up for the chilling short film The Thing That Ate the Birds.

Set in the North Yorkshire Moors we follow a small isolated family as they discover that something has been feasting on the local bird community.

The father takes it into his own hands to find out what is going on; is it a wolf? foxes or something more sinister?

The Thing That Ate the Birds surprisingly plays its hand early but packs plenty into its 11 minute running time, with enough exposition and hints at a wider plot to easily fill a small feature film.

The violence is unrelenting and its final shot is utterly chilling.

The Thing That Ate the Birds, presented by Alter and Gunpowder and Sky, featured at the SXSW Film Festival 2021 as part of the Midnighters Shorts Competition.

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