Crowdfunder announced for Horror Anthology ‘Worst Laid Plans’

An IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign has been launched for Worst Laid Plans, a brand new horror anthology based on the novel by Grindhouse Press.

Five horror directors will be adapting five creepy stories of vacation gone wrong; here is a breakdown of the stories –

Deep in the Heart
A Texas family tours an underground cave system, which is home to an evil that time forgot.

You’ve Been Saved
Two friends on a road trip encounter a mysterious traveler who may be in distress, but who also might just be playing a dangerous prank.

Unkindly Girls
A lonesome teenager on a seaside vacation befriends another outcast whom she must protect from her homicidal father.

Caught a Glimpse
A middle-aged man, longing for some peace and quiet, discovers a seductive new neighbor and the price of voyeurism.

Taylor Family Vacation ’93
Family man Dan Taylor suspects a stalker is messing with his vacation in a way only he’d notice – on tape.

Discover all the perks for Worst Laid Plans on IndieGoGo.

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