Bonus Film Announced for Bloody Flicks Awards 2021

Organisers of the virtual Bloody Flicks Awards 2021 are delighted to announce the screening of a bonus film, the bloody thriller Temple of Devilbuster.

Tai-bao is the reincarnation of the Devil Star and A-queen is the one fated to take on his sins.

It becomes clear that as the two try to escape the criminal underworld, an abusive father, who wants to take Tai-bao back to the temple, is using them to take the blame for other people’s sin.

Written and Directed by Get the Hell Out’s I.-Fan Wang, the film has previously screened at Taipei Film Festival, Golden Horse Film Festival and the prestigious Sitges Catalonian International Film Festival.

To watch Temple of Devilbuster, you will need to join the Bloody Flicks Awards 2021 Facebook Group, with a screener link posted on Friday 19th February 2021.

Check out the full lineup for the Bloody Flicks Awards on Festhome, and watch the festival from 10am (UK time) on Saturday 20th February with all films available until midnight on Sunday 21st February.

Watch the trailer for Temple of Devilbuster below –

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