Taking Shape II: The Lost Halloween Sequels review

By David Hastings

After treating us with their previous solid effort, authors Dustin McNeill and Travis Mullins are back with Taking Shape II, which this time takes a different, yet nonetheless thrilling behind the scenes look at the Halloween franchise, namely the unmade sequel scripts and storylines that have been pitched over the last few decades; some thrilling, some mundane and some outright awful (as in, what the hell were they thinking!).

McNeill & Mullins dissect these ideas with intensive reflections and always from well-researched avenues, while also going the extra mile to provide some thoughts from the screenwriters themselves behind some of these ideas.

From Halloween II onwards, up to present day, before knocking on the doors of Blumhouse, we are given a exclusive view into the behind the scene politics, as well as multiple legal battles that either directly or indirectly impacted on a particular storyline’s progress without hesitation, while it is strangely compelling to see where multiple celebrated characters such as Loomis, Laurie and Jamie Lloyd could have found themselves, as well as Michael himself (and there are some interesting portals to go through there and yes that is somewhat of a hint to one abandoned idea!).

The aforementioned interviews with some of the screenwriters too are both candid as well as elaborating on what McNeill & Mullins have uncovered and provide an additional exceptional commentary on their specific ideas as well as where and how they were approaching their respective narratives. Even those story ideas you may not be keen on are never hindered by reading from their assigned parent writers. Everything just gels nicely.

Overall, while Taking Shape was a fascinating look into what we already have, this sequel provides an equally fascinating look into what could have been for everyone’s favourite boogeyman.

Taking Shape II: The Lost Halloween Sequels is available now in Paperback and Amazon Kindle.

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