Dark comedy ‘All Too Human’ set for DVD release

Indie leader Random Media proudly announces the acquisition and debut of Travis D. Brown’s brooding dark comedy ALL TOO HUMAN, on Digital and DVD, beginning January 19, 2021.

After struggling with years of severe depression, Mark has decided that today is the day to end his misery. There seems to be no moral or spiritual philosophy that can bring about his salvation and convince him that suicide is not the most pragmatic choice to make.

Driven by this cold, hard logic he decides to cut himself off from those around him and end his life, but no matter how he tries to accomplish his task, life frustratingly impedes his goal. Throughout his journey, many would‐be saviors attempt to convince him that life does in fact have meaning and is worth living. Can any of them get through to Mark and change his mind?

Produced by The Signal Productions and starring Jeffrey Arrington, Juliet Prosser, Glen Baggerly, Brady James and Shannon Mastel, ALL TO HUMAN is the gripping story of an existentially frustrated man who has determined that suicide is the only answer to his problems, only to find life impedes his goal.

Dramatic, thought-provoking and sometimes disturbing, screenwriter/director Brown’s unconventional dark comedy draws inspiration from his own life journey, exploring how credulity, dogma and religious ideology negatively affect those who suffer from depression.

ALL TOO HUMAN will be available on DVD and across all major digital platforms, beginning January 19, 2021.

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