Cyborg: Deadly Machine review

By David Dent

Mathieu Caillière, the French video director whose company Masebrothers is in thrall to pop culture of the 1980s and 90s, has made a note perfect homage to the sci fi/action movies of those decades.

The setting will be familiar to anyone who has seen ‘The Terminator’; to bring an end to a war between the east and the west the all-powerful Magnatron Corp have created cyborgs for government use. But the AI running Magnatron became sentient and took control of the cyborgs, changing their mission to the complete extinction of the human race.

Groups of renegades rise up against the oppression of the cyborgs. There is one hope; an ex soldier, Alex Rayne (Dave Trix) has a valuable asset, a portable piece of AI called ‘Barry’. Experimental hardware has been designed that, when it interfaces with ‘Barry’ will create a supermachine with the power to wipe out the cyborgs.

Stacy (Aurelie Aloy) is the last survivor of a group of soldiers tracking Alex so that they can bring ‘Barry’ back to the lab and create the weapon. But even when Stacy and Alex do find each other and are taken back to the facility where the human survivors are located, they must face the onslaught of the robots in a race against time.

Caillière’s movie really does pack it all into its slim 50 minute run time (it’s supposedly the first part of a franchise). Dialogue wise it comes over like a sci fi version of ‘Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place’ without the continuity fluffs; every conceivable cliché is uttered by the characters, and because it’s been dubbed into English from the French there’s an added thrill of authenticity. We get miniature battlegrounds a la Cameron’s original ‘Terminator’ films, a climax that’s rendered as 8 bit animation, brilliant stunts, a wisecracking computer who plays video games with itself, on and a kick ass pair of heroes in Alex and Stacy that you just root for from the first moment you see them. Oh and did I mention the brilliantly on point synthwave soundtrack?

I really hope that we get a Part 2 of the ‘Cyborg’ story. But until then, if you watch right to the end, you can pick up some Alex, Stacy and cyborg dolls to create your own adventure!
Flippin’ genius. I hope he’ll be back.

Watch Cyborg: Deadly Machine below –

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