Sadrac González-Perellón talks Deathcember segment Kill Santa

The Bloody Flicks bumper coverage of Christmas horror anthology Deathcember, we got the chance to quiz director Sadrac González-Perellón about ‘Kill Santa’.

What can you tell us about Kill Santa?

Kill Santa was an opportunity to discuss one of my favorite topics: revenge and family. What if you find that your mother’s killer is now an ex-con turned Santa working in the mall? Would you let him pass or would you kill him right there? This same question is asked by the two leading young sisters.

How long did you have to film the segment?

One day. It was a very long night.

What can you tell us about assembling the cast?

The actresses are not sisters in real life so I had to find two very similar girls. Haydée Lysander and Sara Tresserra turned out to look like real sisters and they had to express a whole range of strong emotions in only 4 minutes. I’m very pleased with their work!

What sort of Christmas themes does Kill Santa tackle?

In my case it is more of an excuse to tell a story. I would say that Christmas is an atmospheric rather than a narrative resource in my segment.

Does it surprise you that Deathcember is one of the first comprehensive Christmas horror anthologies?

Certainly. When the producers invited me to participate in the film during a party at the Sitges Film Festival, I remember thinking it was a great idea that I had never seen before.

How did Kill Santa compare to your previous work?

I suppose that Kill Santa has the same themes and my obsession with the symmetry of the image on screen.

Which is your favourite other segments from Deathcember?

I love “Villancicos”, I find it’s madness incredible.

What can you tell us about your next project Amazing Elisa?

With everything that has happened with the Covid, it is fortunate to have projects. But certainly everything has been delayed. Hopefully maybe I’ll be filming “Amazing Elisa” next year. The film is about Elisa, a girl of twelve who thinks she’s a superhero, lives with her father after her mother’s death—together with her father, they will avenge her mother’s death.

Catch the UK premiere of Deathcember at Grimmfest Xmas Horror Nights.

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