She Dies Tomorrow review

By Ant Wetmore

How would you feel if you suddenly knew you were going to die? Okay. What if it was tomorrow for certain? What would you do?

Perhaps more importantly, what could you do? Amy Seimetz (writer, producer, director) has got a rather good grip on what makes people tick in such strange rhythms.

She Dies Tomorrow, rides the line somewhere between Arthouse horror and comedy in the darkest sense. We follow Amy (Kate Lyn Shiel) a young woman suddenly struck with the absolute certainty of her impending death. From this spark spirals a series of events that can only be explained as quietly surreal.

Seimetz takes a page from It Follows as well as Pontypool and blows them out into something of a meditation on the human condition. How we relate and perhaps most of all, how we face those truths that are perhaps too damning. The terror here, and humor, is the small moments; quiet contemplations at a kitchen table; a strung-out attempt to relate; gazing up into colored lights and learning that there is an end.

The specter of death looms, the clumsy nature of relationships and the silent holiness we apply to each other are on full display, She Dies Tomorrow is not a film of answers, but rather, one of questions.

It writhes in the darkness and absurdity of its premise, while not a clear A to B, this film will surely stir something in the right viewer. Cannot recommend enough for a refreshing breathe from a dank, murky space.

Watch the trailer for She Dies Tomorrow below –

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