Crowdfunder launched for horror anthology ‘The United States of Horror’

An IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign has been launched for horror anthology The United States of Horror.

The innovative project from Dystopian Films will be a trilogy of movies featuring 50 segments at five minutes each; to encompass the entirety of the United States.

Every story in The United States of Horror will provide a look and feel to reflect the state it is filmed in.

The inspiration behind the project was an article which talked about the diverse film production landscape across the USA which as summarised in a map of horror movies set around the states.

Dystopian Films are also looking for filmmakers to get involved and submit their short films and help bring the United States of Horror to Life.

Promoting the production Simon Phillips commented,

“This is a personal passion project for Paul, Ken and I – we all love the horror genre so much and the horror community is like no other! I want to ensure that the trilogy we make this fall is something bigger then the sum of its parts, and we look forward to scaring people in a non pandemic way in 2021.”

All the information you need about getting involved and supporting can be found on IndieGoGo.

The United States of Horror is due for release October 2021.

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