John Hyams provides ‘Maniac Cop’ TV series update

Despite being announced back in 2015, the reboot of Maniac Cop has been long in development. Morphing from a feature film to a TV series fronted by HBO, Drive’s Nicholas Windig Refn teaming up with ‘Alone’ director John Hyams.

We caught up with John Hyams who provided an update on the project –

What else can you tell us about the Maniac Cop TV series?

“My journey alone has been a long one. In 2015, I was approached by Nicholas and Bill Lustig who wanted to do a feature of Maniac Cop and I was going to direct it. We then went through a script and several times we were set to go into production and something would go wrong. Nic never gave up on the story and me, which I was grateful for. Around the time of ‘Alone’ we managed to raised the funds to make ‘Maniac Cop’ and the budget dropped from around $7 million to $4 million. We started to look at TV and how budgets were slightly different and we considered adapting this into a long-form story.

“The story was really a sprawling story with a lot of characters, but with the money we had we thought it could work better as a series. We then broke it down and looked at how it could work as a season and quickly decided that Nic should direct parts of this too as it would help its chances of getting picked up.

“This interpretation has moved quite far from the original, and we take the general concept and make it contemporary. We look at a breakdown of society, a sociological examination of the corruption of law enforcement plus it is loaded with horror and atmosphere. It even goes into some psychodelic and horror areas. It is a very powerful story that is complex but quite easy to follow. There are talks right now of getting production going early in the new year.”

Maniac Cop the TV series is set to start filming in 2021 with HBO.

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