Horror Through My Eyes with…Rob Savage

For the latest Horror Through My Eyes feature we are joined by ‘Host’ director Rob Savage to discuss the films that have shaped his career so far.

The Horror Film That Makes You Sick – Martyrs

The horror film that scares you the most – Wolf Creek

The Horror film you can only watch alone – Possession

That horror film you own but secretly hate – Cube

Your horror guilty pleasure – Ghost Ship

That horror film with a better cast than its script – It Comes at Night

The horror film you have rewatched the most – Evil Dead 2

That horror film you have owned on VHS, DVD and Blu Ray – Rabid

Your scariest cinematic experience – Blair Witch Project

That horror film you need a shower after watching – New York Ripper

The horror film that made your jaw hit the floor – Lifeforce

A horror film you used to love but now despise – Cabin Fever

On the flipside, a horror film you despised but now love – Bram Stoker’s Dracula

The horror film you laughed the most at that isn’t a comedy – Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend

What is the craziest practical effect you have seen in a horror film – “Let’s get to the bottom of this” from Society

The film that you introduced family or a friend to that you wished you hadn’t – I showed Scream to my kid brother and he didn’t sleep for a week. Got a huge bollocking from my parents.

Catch Rob Savage’s stunning feature Host on Shudder now.

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