Prove You’re The Ultimate Horror Fan with Trivial Pursuit: Horror Ultimate Edition

Time to sharpen up your R-rated knowledge! This fearsome twist on a classic game will make even the most seasoned trivia buffs apprehensive with its sickening mix of blood-curdling moments and memories. TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Horror Ultimate Edition is available now!

Purge your expansive knowledge of all things disturbing with an impressive game to test the hugest of horror fans. TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Horror Ultimate Edition is an unsettling level up from its previous version, with its mysterious crate-like box containing a myriad 1,800 questions, a full-sized board to call the corners, six creepy movers for holding category wedges, and more. With content that goes beyond movies to cover graphic novels, books, and TV, you won’t be getting the old “Name the serial killer from this series” quiz that turns game night into nap time. Take a stab at this collection’s six detestable categories: Gore & Disturbing, Psychological, Killer, Monster, Comedy, and Paranormal.

The challenge begins with choosing one of the bone-colored, custom sculpted movers to navigate the board, then collecting six category wedges to win! Store a pie piece of each color in the bases of a Straitjacket, Saw table with leg, Doll head, an Axe in brain, Monster hand, or Goat head depending on your favorite genre-inspired visual.

Find out how you fare with a range of inquiries that cover obscure references (“What company did Damien run as an adult in Omen III: The Final Conflict?”) and offer better odds (“True or False? The first five Godzilla films were filmed in black and white”). Names of characters or crew members, significant events, and title release date questions celebrate a chilling 100- year history of dark fiction. With such varied levels of difficulty throughout the entire game, you’ll catch yourself shaking your head with disbelief, or finding relief from worrisome competition.

Find out more about Trivial Pursuit: Horror Ultimate Edition.

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