Shredder (2001) review


After the success of Scream, we had a number of imitators trying to steal some of that box office gold dust.

Whether it was the Urban Legend or I Know What You Did Last Summer films, some tried and some failed.

One of the films to be released in this period was the little known ski slope slasher Shredder.

While not as entirely successful as the previously mentioned franchises, it does have an 80s sensibility which makes it entertaining whilst not wholly coherent.

A group of teen friends break into an abandoned ski resort and are stalked by a killer dressed in a black ski suit. The killer is not that memorable but does have a good look which could have been exploited further in safer hands.

Director Greg Huson’s work has come from jobs as an Editor in the years since Shredder, which is hard to believe given some of the clunky editings of the ski scenes throughout.

What Shredder does have is a ludicrously fun and gory finale which feels straight out of 1981.

There is also unintentional comedy from some bad extras constantly telling the group that that ski resort is haunted and also one of the leads telling her boyfriend it’s not what its looks like as she is re-enacting a scene from porno in a hot tub.

It may not hit the heights of the self-aware slasher counterparts of its time but Shredder is certainly a unique concept and setting which should be used more in the sub-genre.

Watch the trailer for Shredder below –


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