Occult horror author Sarah England returns with ‘Baba Lenka’


British occult horror specialist Sarah England has returned with Baba Lenka, which is now available in Paperback and Amazon Kindle.

The year is 1970, and Baba Lenka begins in an icy Bavarian village with a highly unorthodox funeral.

The deceased is Baba Lenka, great-grandmother to Eva Hart. But a terrible thing happens at the funeral, and from that moment on everything changes for seven year old Eva.

The family fly back to Yorkshire but it seems the cold Alpine winds have followed them home…and the ghost of Baba Lenka has followed Eva.

This is a story of demonic sorcery and occult practices during the World Wars, the horrors of which are drip-fed into young Eva’s mind to devastating effect.

Once again, this is absolutely not for the faint of heart. Nightmares pretty much guaranteed…

Order your copy of Baba Lenka on Amazon.

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