Jaws Wemake review


To celebrate the 45th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, the folks over at Daily Jaws set their readers a challenge.

Instead of a studio doing a half-assed version with lazy CGI, they asked Jaws fans to help re-create classic scenes from the film.

The lockdown period due to the Coronavirus has meant that fans have had to become even more creative than before.

With a unique mix of imitations (my personal favourite is Ellen Brody), stop motion, Lego and everything but the kitchen sink, this is a homage that will have you grinning ear to ear.

The ingenuity of some fans is truly astounding, whereas some go for imitations others poke fun at some of the elements of the film that haven’t maybe, aged as well as others.

This is a fitting tribute to a seminal classic, which despite over 4 decades still carries the potency it did on release in 1975.

You can watch Jaws Wemake on YouTube below –

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