Halloween Kills teased during #HalloweenatHome


Yesterday the cast and crew of Halloween (2018) hosted a watch party through Twitter, with Director David Gordon Green confirms some minor plot threads for the upcoming sequel Halloween Kills.

Pre-COVID-19 ‘Halloween Kills’ was set for a 16th October 2020 release, but this is not 100% still the case given that cinemas could not re-open until late summer at the earliest.

Having said this, Jamie Lee Curtis signed off her tweets with, ‘See you in October’, so hopefully this is still the plan. Given some of the success of VOD releases since the pandemic, there is always the chance the film could go straight to VOD too.

The most interesting tidbit for many was the confirmation of the return of the Myers House in Halloween Kills. Rumours have suggested flashbacks to 1963 and 1978, which could pave way for a full-scale rebuild of the iconic spook house. The other possibility is that we could see the Myers house in the modern-day. In the novelisation of Halloween (2018) it is stated that the house has been flattened and turned into a public garden.

Speaking of novelisations, Producer Ryan Turek also teased that he had recently read the first draft of a novelisation of Halloween Kills. Could we see the return of John Passarella on writing duties?

The young African-American couple who Michael observes before his suburban massacre has also been teased for a return, with the lady dressed as a nurse being shown in the teaser released last October. Many had put two and two together and assumed they were Julian’s parents, but Gordon-Green revealed this is not the case.

Deputy Hawkins portrayed by Will Patton in Halloween (2018) has also been teased for a return in Halloween Kills. Could we see a de-aged Hawkins take down Michael in 1978?

Gordon-Green also tweeted that Graveyard caretaker, played by Diva Tyler could return too. Will Michael look to retrieve Judith’s headstone once again?

The scene where Hawkins is playing pinball, was also going to be slightly different, with a cameo from John Carpenter and Gordon-Green playing against each other. This idea was scrapped early on though.

There is also the hint that the throwaway line about Ray (Karen’s husband) doing payote with Lonnie Elam could have some relevance in Halloween Kills. Cameron is believed to have come from a broken home of sorts. Could Lonnie still be abusing drugs after all these years?

A grown-up Lonnie will return in Halloween Kills, portrayed by The Haunting of Hill House’s Robert Longstreet.

While many have assumed that Ben Tramer or someone else from the Halloween universe is Karen’s father, Gordon-Green debunked this by stating it was just some guy Laurie met at a bar.

Nick Castle has also confirmed he will once again have a cameo in Halloween Kills, and has been seen doing ADR work for the film.

Gordon-Green also stated that Kills will be his most violent film to date, with The Shape himself James Jude Courtney confirming this, saying he got his ass kicked during the film.

Some fans had also speculated that we could see the infamous alternative ending to Halloween (2018), which was not the case but DGG stated it was anti-climatic, but that it could be finished one day.

Are you excited more for Halloween Kills now? Let us know in the comments.

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