Escape from North Korea review


By Janie Edgens

With fantasy flying CG action and martial arts moves, “Escape from North Korea” is an action-packed adventure to find and rescue the President of the United States’ daughter, Tracy, kidnapped by the “Supreme Leader Kim” somewhere in North Korea.

Written and edited by Keith Eng, “ENK” is loaded with one-liners delivered by the hero, Russell Kang, as he defies all means to be stopped from lasers to Kung Fu masters.

Followed closely by the Pentagon’s Director Conway, Kang’s every move is scrutinized and assisted by body armor, summoned up by thought or push of a button.

He is reunited with his friend and covert mission partner, assumed killed, Brunswick, who later comes to Kang’s rescue as Kang finds the daughter. The ending has a hilarious twist as the daughter is not kidnapped but is needed as an actress in Kim’s movie.

Ending with Kim overtaken by Kang, Tracy, and Brunswick, a sequel is suggested as Kim rises from his defeated ashes to rock out the ending musical theme.

Kang proves that he’s the “Liberty Protocol’s” number one agent along with his new team, the multi-talented Tracy, and his re-invented mission colleague, Brunswick.

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