Christmas Ghost Story ‘The Hampton Uplands’ announced


Independent production company Lightbeam Productions has announced their next project, The Hampton Uplands, a Christmas ghost story in the spirit of M.R James.

Dennis has just inherited his late Aunt’s home. His interest is primarily taken only in the financial gains of his newly acquired situation – however, one item he comes across in his Aunt’s belongings is that of a painting depicting a landscape known as ‘The Hampton Uplands’.

As Dennis becomes more fixated with the art piece, he is unaware that it may also be holding a terrifying and malevolent link to the supernatural within its frame.

Production will begin later this year with casting announced then too.

The film was originally slated for a December 2020 release, but will now be pushed to Christmas 2021 in response to the current, and saddening world pandemic.

Writer/Director Dave Hastings commented,

“As a huge fan of the legendary master of writing for the supernatural, M. R. James, I am really looking forward to writing/directing this original short story, one that is very much inspired by his works and steeped in the atmosphere he would set his stories in.

“A tale of the everyday world clashing with the sinister forces on the other side.

“I grew up on the BBC Ghost Stories for Christmas too and I loved their styles, atmosphere and characters, often flawed. The Stalls of Barchester, The Signalman as well as other classics such as Whistle and I’ll Come To You, fuelled my imagination and I’ve been wanting to dip my toe into this particular style of storytelling myself for years now.

With the tale we have devised, I’m hoping to spook audiences very much in the same way as M.R. James himself has over the past 100+ years!”

Watch a teaser for The Hampton Uplands below –


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