Halloween Night (2020) review


Whilst we wait with bated breath to discover whether we will see Halloween Kills this October; there are a number of fan films nearer completion or ready to go.

JP DeStefano’s Halloween Night borrows heavily from David Gordon Green’s semi-reboot, but also attempts to carve a new narrative.

Instead of Laurie Strode and her family, this time it is the family of the deceased Dr. Loomis who are put in harm’s way on All Hallows Eve.

Admittedly this fan film takes its time to find its stride, but once it does it crafts some decent scares and also understands that the most dangerous area to have Michael Myers, is in the periphery.

This Myers lurks in the shadows, as he stalks his way across Haddonfield in what mostly feels like a random killing spree.

The kills are well executed with an emphasis on aftermath over, blood guts and gore.

Character-wise DeStefano works well with a small cast who we get to know before they are put in harms way, plus it manages to hit some emotional beats that can be hard to nail in a Halloween film.

There is also substantial production value here, with extra care taken to use a screen-worthy mask of the Shape. One nitpick is that you can see his eyes, but other than that it looks fantastic.

You may be able to slightly telegraph the film’s conclusion, but this does not detract from a worthwhile effort.

Watch Halloween Night on YouTube below –

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