Guns Akimbo (2020) review


When it comes to diverse roles, there are not many actors out there trying to branch out more than Daniel Radcliffe.

With the cloud of Hogwarts hanging over him, he has tried desperately to shed the glasses, wand and that lightning bolt scar.

Think of him as a mainstream Shia Labeouf, but less eccentric.

With Guns Akimbo it feels like he has been thrown into the middle of a computer game, akin to something like Grand Theft Auto.

Miles’ life is going nowhere until one day he is knocked out in his apartment and wakes up to find he has 2 guns attached to his hands and is being hunted by Samara Weaving’s Nix, who is a mix between a punk rocker and the Terminator.

You will need to suspend your disbelief with Guns Akimbo, but the action sequences truly make this worthwhile.

There is also a swagger to the narrative as just when you think it has played its hand, it throws in a curveball for good measure.

Although Radcliffe is endearing and ultimately leads the story, it is Weaving, carrying on her run from last year’s Ready or Not who steals the show here.

It is funny, action-packed and ultra violent – what more could you want?

Watch the trailer for Guns Akimbo below –

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