‘Trick’ Digital Release Date Confirmed

unnamed (3)The Movie Partnership are pleased to announce that the chilling slasher horror, Trick, will be released across Digital Download platforms from 30th March.

Taking the helm of the gory flick is Patrick Lussier, best known for the action thriller, Drive Angry and the 2009 slasher-horror, My Bloody Valentine. Trick also stars Omar Epps (House M.D), Jamie Kennedy (Scream) & Ellen Adair (The Sinner).

An elusive serial killer, “Trick,” returns each Halloween to kill innocent victims. Detective Mike Denver (Omar Epps) faced Trick once before, shooting him off a five-storey building.

When Trick’s body disappears into the town river, everyone thinks he’s dead. Only Denver believes he’s still alive. But now, as strange occurrences disrupt the peace of the town, nobody can deny that Trick has returned.

Obsessed with catching the murderer, Denver will do whatever it takes to stop Trick claiming their next victim.

Trick will be available on Digital Download from 30th March.

Read our review of Trick.

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